Patio cleaning Cumbria by Eden Rejuvenators. We specialise in cleaning and sealing patios in Cumbria including Carlisle, Penrith, Whitehaven and Workington.

Whether you have concrete flagstones, patio slabs or a type of natural stone such as Sandstone, Indian Sandstone, Limestone, Granite or Slate, we can bring it back to a “Like New” appearance and seal it against staining and future deterioration. Once sealed, your patio will be much easier to keep clean in future.

It is amazing the difference that pressure washing these surfaces can make, going from a dirty grey or nearly black, grimy surface to bringing back the original colour of the stone or concrete flagstones. We can can undertake Patio cleaning Cumbria to restore the look of old patios in Carlisle, Penrith, Kendal & Keswick.

Have you got Patio Black Spot on your stone?

The cause of this common problem is a type of lichen which gets just under the surface of the stone and seemingly cannot be removed even when blasting with a pressure washer.

Using Smartseal Xtreme60 Patio Cleaner (which is non-acidic) we can kill these lichens and then they will be removed. Then we recommend sealing the stone so they cannot take hold in the same way again.









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