Pattern Imprinted Concrete, also called Pressed Concrete, is an ideal surface for a driveway or patio because it is very hard-wearing and doesn’t have joints in which weeds can grow, like block paving, for example.

It is sealed when first laid but many homeowners don’t realise (and perhaps aren’t told by the installers) that this surface does require resealing every 3 - 5 years, after which exposure to the elements, weathering and UV light from the sun will have worn away the sealant.

Does your Imprinted Concrete have cracks?

If the cracks are larger than hairline, we can apply a Crack Repair Compound, which are available in 20 colours to give a good match to your surface. We then seal over the top and the sealant sets the compound solid.

If the cracks are only hairline, then they are not a structural problem and they will be simply flooded with sealer when we seal your driveway and they will be almost unnoticeable, until the surface needs sealing again in 3 - 5 years.

Our procedure for restoring or repairing your Imprinted Concrete is usually as follows:

  • Pressure wash the surface thoroughly using our professional equipment
  • Leave to dry for several days
  • Repair any cracks as above if necessary
  • Seal the surface using Smartseal Imprinted Concrete Sealer applied by sealing broom
  • If necessary, we can add a colour tint to the sealer to bring back the original colour









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