Our business has expanded rapidly

As homeowners recognise the benefits that having a clean and sealed driveway brings, whether the surface is:

  Block Paving

  Pattern Imprinted Concrete


  Natural Stone

We not only honour commitments, but are known for meeting tough deadlines while delivering nothing but the best.

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We are Eden Rejuvenators

Pressure Cleaning Cumbria keeps us very busy all year round and is our main focus. My company Eden Rejuvenators are based in Carlisle, Cumbria and are named after the beautiful Eden Valley.
It was whilst working offshore in the renewable energy sector that I became aware of the US methods of softwash techniques, that is to say cleaning roofs and walls including render which are stained by algae and moss using water and chemicals.

Member of the National Association of Softwash (NASW)

Looking at the climatic situation in Cumbria I could see the advantages and necessity for such a system and I became a member of the National Association of Softwash (NASW).

Official Smartseal Registered Agent

In addition to this I also saw the requirement to provide quality sealants to surfaces to leave a far more professional and lasting finish. With this in mind I attended a Smartseal training course and having completed this, started to build up my business to carry out Pressure Cleaning Cumbria.

Colin Wanley